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NEW!!! NEW!!! NEW!!! Sing Armenian Church Songs with Nvair & friends

Sing-a-long songs from the Armenian Divine Liturgy.  Hymns in Armenian and English for children and their families.

The Armenian Apostolic Church, founded in 301 AD, is the world’s oldest national church. It has defined the Armenian people’s relationship with God for over 1700 years.

Today there is a need to keep the tradition of the Soorp Badarak/Armenian Divine Liturgy alive and relevant for today’s young Armenian family. Over the past several years Nvair, along with life-long educator Andrea Carden, has been successfully teaching primary-grade Sunday school students Badarak hymns. Students (ages 4-11) learn to worship as their ancestors have for centuries.

So inspired by the enthusiasm of their students & families, Nvair & Andrea embarked on a mission that led to co-producing, We Sing Armenian Church Songs with Nvair & friends. They chose seven Yegmalian hymns from the Divine Liturgy. Each hymn is sung twice: first in krapar/classical Armenian, followed by the same hymn in English. The translations here are not meant to replace our centuries-old krapar, but to be used as an essential tool to provide a deeper understanding of our ancestral liturgical hymns.

Nvair & Andrea's mission is to spread the word of God to our youth through song and worship, while providing the links between our celebrated past, face the reality of our present and build foundations for our future.