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Donadzar: New Year & Christmas songs in Armenian - with Nvair & friends

'Donadzar' means Holiday Tree/Christmas Tree in Armenian.  This CD features New Year's and Christmas songs in Armenian for children and their families to enjoy throughout the Holidays.

The Winter Holiday Season is a time for family get-togethers with a great deal of focus upon the children. This concept led Nvair Kadian Beylerian to embark on this musical project: an informal, family-style sing-a-long album. Similar to many cultural traditions throughout the world, Armenian family traditions dictate that the days of holiday celebration always include an opportunity to share one's talents and experiences. Gathered together, one family member might begin by telling a story, another might play an instrument, and yet another would lead the family in song.

'Donadzar' embraces that idea by including Nvair's own family, friends and children.   Following months of research, Nvair compiled a collection of songs in Armenian that can offer something to every member of the family, young or old.  She feels that, "Many of these songs are musical treasures to be kept and nurtured in the family environment.  Some are new, some are translations and others have been sung at Armenian holiday gatherings for generations."   To meet the needs of listeners who aren't fluent in Armenian, HYEfamily.com provides transliterated lyrics within the CD's insert.  English translations are available on the company's website, www.HYEfamily.com