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2Mayrer: children's songs in Armenian - with Nvair & friends

This CD offers a variety of fun and catchy tunes for pre-schoolers and the whole family to enjoy. Children are offered some basics such as the Armenian alphabet, counting, days of the week and body parts, along with being exposed to some traditional Armenian songs. All of this while being entertained!

Listen to these recordings together as a family, sing along while dancing and clapping or play it in the baby's room for fun and games. Wake up with the CD's first song Paree Looys (good morning), clap along with the Armenian traditional, Dzapeeg, Dzapeeg (clap, clap), play choo - choo in the play room with Shokegark Yegav (the train has come), dance the "haleh" to a historic Armenian village tune, Yertank Khaghaloo (Let's go play) and many other songs old and new. Conclude your listening experience by winding down with a soothing lullaby, Paree Keesher (good night).

Watch out Mom and Dad, you may be lulled to sleep, too! Parents, good news, it's easy on the ears for those long car rides. Nvair says, "Though many of the songs are based on the tried and true educational technique of repetition, have no fear...you may be shocked one day while driving, when you realize that you're listening in the car...without the children!!"